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Immersion Videos, launched in April 2019 with the release of the Dave Smart All Access Practice Video Series. As Basketball Immersion and The Basketball Podcast grew, it felt natural to share other coaches content.

To that end, Basketball Immersion launched Immersion Videos to create a platform for coaches to provide value to coaches looking to stimulate their professional development. The goal is to focus on authentic sharing of resources you can use to help your players and teams improve. Drills, tactics, techniques, philosophies, practice design and so much more will be shared from numerous coaches across the world.

At Immersion Videos, our unwavering commitment to you is to offer the tools necessary for you to be an outstanding coach who values learning and seeks to evolve. If you’re a better coach now than you were yesterday, we’ve done our job, and so have you.

All products are digital downloads only. There are no physical DVDs available. After purchase you will use your username and password you created to access your product to stream or download. You will have both options, to view by streaming or by downloading to your computer.

Quality Guarantee

To ensure each video adds value to your coaching we offer detailed descriptions of every product, sample clips of every video, and authentic access to top coaches who want to share the game.

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