Slam Dunk Basketball Fundraising for Your Program

You’re a passionate basketball coach, committed to honing your players’ skills, building a championship team, and taking them to the top of the game. But then, there’s that one part of the job that tends to make even the most ardent coaches cringe – basketball fundraising. It’s true; basketball fundraising isn’t usually on the list of a coach’s favorite activities. The endless spreadsheets, phone calls, and bake sales can sometimes feel like they’re taking a fast break in the opposite direction of fun.

But what if we told you that basketball fundraising doesn’t have to be the mundane chore you once imagined? In fact, we’re here to turn the tables on those basketball fundraising blues and show you how to make it an exhilarating slam dunk for you and your team. Yes, you heard that right – fundraising can be FUN!

In this blog, we’re going to unveil a playbook filled with creative, exciting, and downright enjoyable basketball fundraising ideas tailored specifically for coaches. These ideas will not only help you raise the funds your program needs but will also add a new level of excitement to your coaching journey. So, if you’ve ever wished for a fundraising experience that’s more “alley-oop” and less “ho-hum,” keep reading because we’ve got the game plan you’ve been searching for. Let’s get ready to score big on and off the court!

Hoops for Hope Tournament: Organize a “Hoops for Hope” basketball tournament where teams can register and compete for a grand prize. This fundraiser can involve both the players and the community. Invite local businesses to sponsor teams or donate prizes, and charge an entry fee for each participating team. Additionally, have a halftime three-point shootout contest for spectators to join in on the fun.

Basketball-Themed 5K Run: Combine fitness and fundraising by hosting a basketball-themed 5K run. Participants can dress up in their favorite basketball jerseys or costumes and run/walk the course. Charge an entry fee and provide medals or trophies for the winners. Consider offering a post-race basketball shooting contest for additional entertainment.

Slam Dunk-a-Thon: Turn your fundraising event into a dunk extravaganza. Rent a basketball court and invite participants to show off their dunking skills. Set up donation stations around the court where spectators can pledge money for each successful dunk. Players can compete for the highest number of dunks or the most creative dunk.

Skills Camp for Kids: Leverage your coaching expertise by organizing a basketball skills camp for kids in the community. Charge a fee for enrollment and teach young players the fundamentals of the game. Parents will appreciate the opportunity for their children to learn from a qualified coach, and the camp can serve as a great marketing tool for your program.

Basketball Art Auction: Tap into the creative talents of your players and local artists by hosting a basketball-themed art auction. Encourage participants to create basketball-inspired artwork, whether it’s paintings, sculptures, or crafts. Promote the event to art enthusiasts and sports fans alike, and auction off the pieces to raise funds for your program.

Celebrity Basketball Game: Bring some star power from your community to your fundraising efforts by organizing a celebrity basketball game. Invite local celebrities, athletes, or even former players to participate. Sell tickets for the event and offer VIP experiences like meet-and-greets with the celebrities. The excitement of seeing well-known personalities on the court can draw a large crowd.

Basketball-themed Cookbook: Collaborate with players, parents, and supporters to create a basketball-themed cookbook filled with delicious recipes. Include favorites from the team and family recipes, and sell the cookbooks to raise funds. Personalize it with team photos, anecdotes, and basketball-related stories to make it even more special.

Basketball-themed Movie Night: Host an outdoor movie night at your school or a local park, featuring a classic basketball film like “Hoosiers” or “Space Jam.” Sell tickets, popcorn, and concessions to attendees. Consider incorporating a halftime skills showcase or a mini basketball game during intermission.

Online Merchandise Store: Create an online merchandise store with customized basketball-themed apparel, accessories, and memorabilia. Promote the store within your community and among fans of the sport. A portion of the proceeds from each sale can go towards your program.

Basketball Freethrow-thon: Challenge your players to a freethrow-thon where they seek pledges for every successful free throw they make. Set up a designated time and location for the event, and encourage supporters to come and cheer for the players. This not only raises funds but also allows your players to improve their free throw shooting skills.

3-Point Contest: Organize a 3-point contest where participants compete to make the most 3-point shots within a certain time frame. You can charge an entry fee and offer prizes to the winners.

Basketball Marathon: Host a basketball marathon where players play basketball continuously for 24 hours. You can ask people to sponsor each hour of play or make a flat donation.

Basketball Auction: Host a basketball auction where you auction off items such as signed basketballs, jerseys, and other memorabilia. You can also auction off experiences such as meeting with players or attending games.

Basketball Raffle: Sell raffle tickets and offer prizes such as autographed basketballs, jerseys, and other memorabilia.

Basketball Skills Challenge: Host a basketball skills challenge where participants compete in various skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing. You can charge an entry fee and offer prizes to the winners.

Basketball Trivia Night: Host a basketball trivia night where participants answer questions related to basketball. You can charge an entry fee and offer prizes to the winners.

Basketball Car Wash: Host a car wash where players wash cars in exchange for donations. Choose a location that is easily accessible and has plenty of space for cars to line up.

Basketball Bake Sale: Host a bake sale where players bake and sell goods such as cookies, cakes, and brownies. Promote the event through social media, flyers, and word of mouth. Encourage players to invite their friends and family.

Basketball Movie Night: Host a movie night where you show basketball movies such as “Space Jam” or “Hoosiers”. You can charge an entry fee and sell snacks.

Basketball Game Night: Host a game night where participants play basketball-related games such as “HORSE” or “Around the World”. You can charge an entry fee and offer prizes to the winners.

Basketball Photo Shoot: Offer photo shoots with players in their uniforms or with props related to basketball.

Basketball Silent Auction: Host a silent auction where you display items such as signed basketballs, jerseys, and other memorabilia. Participants write down their bids on sheets of paper next to each item.

Basketball Scavenger Hunt: Host a scavenger hunt where participants search for items related to basketball around town. One example might be to create a list of basketball trivia questions and hide the answers around the playing area. Players must find the answers to all the questions to win. Another example could be to create a list of basketball-related items that players must find and take a photo with. The first team to find all the items and take photos wins.


Raising money for your basketball program doesn’t have to be limited to traditional methods. By getting creative and engaging your community, you can find innovative ways to support your team’s needs while fostering a sense of unity and excitement among players and supporters alike. Whether it’s through unique events, merchandise, or collaborations with local celebrities, these creative fundraising ideas will help your basketball program reach new heights. So, lace up your sneakers, gather your team, and slam dunk your way to fundraising success!


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