Tobin Anderson

The Pressing Defense System of Tobin Anderson

Tobin Anderson is a basketball coach who has been known to use his pressing defense system to great success. This tactic involves applying pressure on the opposing team’s ball handlers to force turnovers and create scoring opportunities. Anderson’s coaching career has been quite successful, with his teams winning several championships and making it to the NCAA tournament multiple times. In fact, the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights, recently pulled off a stunning upset against Purdue in the tournament, becoming only the second #16 seed to ever defeat a #1 seed in the tournament. Now that we have an idea of Anderson’s success, let’s dive deeper into the pressing defense strategy and how it has helped him achieve such great results.

Anderson discussed his pressing system and the importance of turnover margin in his team’s success. He also talked about the influence of Rick Pitino and other coaches in developing his pressing system. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into Coach Anderson’s pressing system, exploring the teaching points for both on-ball and off-ball defenders, the importance of defensive decision-making, and the strategies for confusing opponents. We will also discuss the role of the backcourt players and the recovery aspect of the press.

On-Ball Defense

Coach Anderson emphasizes the importance of on-ball pressure in his pressing system. He wants his players to be aggressive and make it difficult for opponents to pass and dissect the press. However, he also cautions against pressuring too much and getting beat easily. The on-ball defenders are instructed to stay open to the ball, not denying the pass inbounds, and being square to the ball handler. The goal is to make the opponent go hard and put pressure on them to make quick decisions.

Defensive Decision-Making

In Coach Anderson’s pressing system, defensive decision-making is crucial. Players need to know when to trap, when to rotate, and when to stunt. They must be instinctive and have a good feel for the game. Coach Anderson encourages his players to be active, foot-faking, and ready to rotate when necessary. The players in the backcourt need to be smart and not lose their man. They must understand their role in the press and make the right decisions based on the situation.

Confusing Opponents

One of the key aspects of Coach Anderson’s pressing system is to confuse opponents. He wants his press to be unpredictable, making it difficult for opponents to know when and where the trap will come. By using match-up oriented concepts, Coach Anderson’s press can resemble both a zone press and a man press, creating confusion for the opposing team. The press is designed to dare opponents to beat them over the top, while also shrinking the court and forcing them to go sideline.

Off-Ball Defense

Off-ball defenders, especially the backcourt players, play a crucial role in Coach Anderson’s pressing system. They need to be active, foot-faking, and ready to rotate when necessary. The backcourt players are instructed to be uphill, up the line, and take away the direct pass. On the weak side, they should come over to the midline and dare opponents to throw the diagonal cross-court pass. The off-ball defenders need to be engaged, communicate, and be in position to make plays.

Recovery Aspect

In Coach Anderson’s pressing system, the recovery aspect is vital. Even if the opponent breaks the press, the defense is not out of the press. Players need to recover quickly, get back to their spots, and play half-court defense. The goal is to prevent layups, threes, and fouls, and get back to playing five-on-five basketball. The recovery aspect requires players to be disciplined, communicate, and make quick adjustments.


Coach Tobin Anderson’s pressing system has been a key factor in his success. By emphasizing on-ball pressure, defensive decision-making, confusion, and recovery, Coach Anderson has created a formidable pressing system. His players are taught to be aggressive, smart, and adaptable, making it difficult for opponents to handle the press. Through practice, game-based play, and video analysis, Coach Anderson’s players develop the necessary skills and instincts to excel in the pressing system.

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